Peter McNally is the founder and principal of The Grinnell Group. With over a dozen years experience in real estate and planning, Mr. McNally has experience in all phases of land development from both public and private sector perspectives. His expertise includes project management, public hearing presentations, regulatory analysis, government relations, and lease negotiations. Mr. McNally is a 1990 graduate of Iowa State University with a B.S. in Community and Regional Planning.

William McNally is of counsel to The Grinnell Group, providing the company with the benefit of his legal education and business experience in the areas of real estate law, land use and local code development. In addition to being in the private practice of law for more than 25 years, Mr. McNally has served as an executive officer and general counsel for several corporations.

Associate Quinn Kayser-Cochran's background includes more than ten years in land-use planning and development. Areas of expertise include market research, project management, public and government relations, regulatory analysis, lease negotiations, and communications. Mr. Kayser-Cochran is a 1992 graduate of Columbia University with a B.S. in English.