Lake Cedar Group
Wireless Telecomm
North Richland


Four network television stations, owned by CBS, Gannett and McGraw Hill had previously failed over several years and multiple attempts to rezone property to allow development of a new broadcast tower to provide high definition television (HDTV) to the Denver, Colorado market. We led a collaborative effort of varied disciplined firms in overcoming significant opposition to obtain all permits and approvals. In order to end lengthy legal appeals and an unconstitutional condemnation attempt which threatented the stations’ abilities to comply with a federal deadline for operating HDTV, we led the successful effort to pass Federal legislation pre-empting local government control at the proposed site. In addition to managing the project, we provided a variety of services included strategic planning, government relations, community outreach, coalition building, land use planning, and public hearing presentations. Two keys to the project’s success was our ability to develop solutions to problems that crossed disciplines of the various firms and our ability to develop and implement a successful strategy for dealing with the sophisticated and highly-motivated opposition.

Lake Cedar antenna, before and after