Lake Cedar Group
Wireless Telecomm
North Richland

  The Grinnell Group assisted numerous wireless telecommunication providers in building and upgrading the quality of their Colorado networks by developing new sites. We succeeded by conducting thorough due diligence to identify and select the best sites, facilitating public meetings to address neighborhood concerns, and providing the expertise to resolve difficult lease issues. For example, we successfully identified, acquired, and permitted a facility in six months in an area that carrier had been experiencing its highest rate of customer complaints and had previously been unsuccessful in developing a site to address this problem for two years. In total we have assisted in building over 500 sites in 20 states.  Projects have included sites for Alamosa PCS/Sprint, American Tower Company, AT&T, I Wireless, Nextel, T Mobile, Verance Corporation, Verizon, Winstar, and U.S. Cellular.   iwireless retail;