Market Research and Analysis
In order to be successful, real estate developments must be rooted in the political, physical, financial, regulatory, and consumer realities of the market. Building on our experience with a broad range of development types in a variety of markets across the country, we thoroughly research and analyze the unique circumstances and local conditions affecting each new project. We produce strategic recommendations to structure a project, reduce risk, add value, and bring the project to fruition.

Site Identification and Evaluation
We have identified and evaluated numerous sites for clients. While the site location factors will vary for each client and product, the overall approach generally remains the same: by analyzing clients’ key criteria, inferior or unsuitable sites are eliminated so that only the most appropriate and favorable sites are considered. This “wide-net” approach not only ensures that no suitable sites are overlooked, but also that resources are expended only for sites that will provide value.

Due Diligence and Site Acquisition
Understanding the conditions and limitations of a property is the basis for all sound acquisitions. The Grinnell Group brings together the resources necessary for clients to assess potential properties. As clients’ agents, we have successfully negotiated the acquisition of hundreds of properties across the country. Through this experience, we have garnered an understanding of the interplay among the legal, market, financial, physical, regulatory, and human issues involved, and developed the seasoned judgment necessary for successful negotiations.

Entitlements and Permitting
Local permitting requirements vary from discretionary permits involving elected officials and the public, to ministerial permits such as building permits. Discretionary permits are potentially the most contentious and risky part of the development process. The Grinnell Group provides clients with a clear understanding of the dynamics involved in the process and strategic plans for obtaining approval. While typically less contentious, building permits can cause costly delays if the process is not managed correctly. We help minimize these delays through an understanding of the process and a proactive approach.

Project Management
From concept to construction, numerous key work products and business decisions are required, often involving many outside vendors and internal client resources. The Grinnell Group manages projects to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time.

Community Relations
The need for public approval brings additional stakeholders into a project — government staff, appointed officials, community groups, and elected officials. Because we understand how these stakeholders work and the dynamics of their relationships, we are able to work effectively with government processes and personalities. We combine research, strategic planning, lobbying, press relations, and coalition building into an effective campaign.

Equity Interest We are positioned to take an equity in projects through direct financial contribution or creative compensation arrangements with clients.

Community Planning, Public Facilitation, and Implementation
Plans only have value if they are implemented. The Grinnell Group combines significant research and analysis with a variety of public outreach efforts to ensure that plans are based on a sound understanding of local market conditions and enjoy the broad support of key stakeholders. Building on the momentum generated through outreach efforts, effective implementation strategies such as revised land use regulations, marketing plans, capital investments, and targeted programming can bring a community’s vision to reality.